AFT Delivers Improved Warehouse Automation at Lower Costs with New Innovative SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart

AFT, the innovative company that introduced the first rail running Automated Storage and Retrieval Material Handling System (AS/RS) with front mounted rotating fork handling, introduces the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart. The state of the art SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart is the latest component and companion to AFT’s SR/F Machine. This new development introduces new possibilities and capability for our clients at lower costs. The SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart creates a fully automated warehouse system, servicing the complexities of warehouse operations for both distribution and manufacturing operations.

Proven and Tested Technology
The revolutionary Automated Storage and Retrieval Material Handling System SR/F Machine, used world wide, has already proven to be effective in design, functionality and performance. AFT understands the strenuous environment and continuous operation requirements for its products. AFT’s SR/F Machine has set industry standards and made AFT the industry leader in Automated Storage and Retrieval Material Handling Systems (AS/RS). The SR/F machine is constructed using top-quality components that allow the machine to have optimal reliability and low maintenance requirements. AFT’s new SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart was designed with the same time proven technology and components to maintain the same optimal performance and reliability from the start.

The Clear Advantage of This New Automated Technology Is Simple. We now have the capability to service multiple aisles using one AFT SR/F Machine. The SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart eliminates the need to have one SR/F machine for each automated aisle. The cost to automate a warehouse is greatly reduced, primarily by eliminating the number of machines formerly required and their related maintenance. Another benefit is that this system is scalable and designed to accommodate one SR/F Machine or multiple SR/F Machines depending on the needs of your warehouse. Implementing the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart increases the efficiency of your warehouse while reducing costs.

AFT SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart Advantages
• Service multiple aisles with one SR/F Machine
• Scalability and flexibility to meet nearly any warehouse or production environment
• Fully automated warehouse system - no manual intervention
• Increase storage capacity
• Improve warehouse safety
• Improve control over inventory
• Reduce product damage
• Reduce warehouse costs

How the New SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart Works With the SR/F Machine: The identified materials are placed at an Input Station. The remaining procedures are all fully automated and computer controlled. The computer controlled system senses that materials have been placed inside the Input Station and the SR/F Machine retrieves the materials. The PLC automated computer system determines the best storage location for the materials or product and they are stored. AFT’s Automated Storage and Retrieval Material Handling System (AS/RS) can do this because of its unique encoding address system. It remembers the exact location of each storage position to the precision of .076 inch. If the storage location is determined to reside on an aisle other than the current aisle, the SR/F Machine and its payload are automatically loaded onto the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart without human intervention and moved to the designated aisle. Upon reaching the specified aisle, the SR/F Machine and payload is released from the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart. The SR/F Machine moves to the targeted storage location and the materials are deposited. The SR/F Machine then proceeds with the next task of retrieving or storing materials. With the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart and SR/F Machine materials or product may be transferred from one aisle to another effortlessly with no human intervention.

AFT’s Mission and Commitment to Clients and Excellence
AFT’s mission to listen to its clients needs, evaluate the project, design and build the best innovative technology on the market, lead to the inception and development of the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart. The SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart development was inspired by our clients who desired full warehouse automation, without the need for a separate machine for each aisle. Clients needed a solution to provide full warehouse automation at lower costs, particularly for low throughput conditions. AFT met this challenge by engineering and introducing the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart. We are now able to offer full warehouse automation at even lower costs to our clients.

SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart Features
• PLC computer controlled transfer system – no manual intervention
• Low-profile transfer pit only 13 inches deep
• SR/F Transfer Cart can transport SR/F Machine and its max payload of 3,000 lbs.
• Cart uses rails that can be plumbed to the floor, eliminating the need for super flat floors
• Designed to SR/F Machine specs and quality
• No proprietary components
• 10 feet wide
• Designed particularly for low throughput environments

We give you the technology and equipment to move your company forward and upward.

For more information about AFT’s SR/F AS/RS Machine and SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart please visit our web site

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