New - SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart

TAYLORD ASRS, the innovative company that introduced the first of its kind rail running Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) with front mounted rotating forks, has created the first SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart. In keeping with its mission, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems listened to its clients and developed the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart to increase warehouse automation and further reduce costs.

ASRS SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart Video

SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart - Innovation

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems has increased warehousing possibilities while reducing costs. TAYLORD ASRS innovative team was charged with the task of creating a fully automated system, while keeping the same high standards and innovative technology. TAYLORD ASRS developed the SR/F Transfer Cart that works in conjunction with its highly successful Automated Storage and Retrieval Material Handling SR/F Machine to create a fully-automated warehouse system. The SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart actually transports the SR/F Machine and its payload to the designated aisle for material retrieval or storage.

The SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart works with the SR/F Machine

The identified materials are placed at an Input Station. The remaining procedures are all fully automated and computer controlled. The computer controlled system senses that materials have been placed inside the Input Station and the SR/F Machine retrieves the materials and places them in the best storage location determined by the system. If the storage location is on an aisle other than the current aisle, the SR/F Machine and its payload are automatically loaded onto the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart without human intervention and moved to the designated aisle. Upon reaching the targeted aisle the SR/F Machine and payload is released from the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart. The SR/F Machine moves to the targeted storage location and the materials are deposited. The SR/F Machine then proceeds with the next task of retrieving or storing materials.

SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart Benefits

The SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart, working in union with the SR/F Machine, creates significant benefits. It is a completely automated, computer controlled system, allowing full warehouse automation. It Is designed particularly for low-throughput storage. The SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart now limits the need to have a SR/F Machine for each aisle. The SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart introduces many benefits for the user, such as reduction in costs, full automation, greater space utilization and storage density. This system limits human intervention with full computer controlled automation. Full warehouse automation reduces errors, workforce requirements, increases safety and throughput. TAYLORD ASRS Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) can accommodate changing business and warehouse conditions.

SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart Features

• Fully computer controlled transfer system – no manual intervention

• Low-profile transfer pit only 13 inches deep

• SR/F Transfer Cart can transport SR/F Machine and its max payload of 3,000 lbs.

• Cart uses rails that can be plumbed to the floor, eliminating the need for super flat floors

• Designed to SR/F Machine specs

• No proprietary components

Keeping with TAYLORD ASRS Innovation and Quality

TAYLORD Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems constructed the SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart using the same high quality standards and innovation as our proven SR/F Machine. TAYLORD ASRS understands the crucial operating requirements of its AS/RS systems and develops products with that understanding, so optimal return on investment is realized.


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