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SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart

Introducing the new SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart
Fully Automated Multiple Aisle ASRS Technology

We are proud to present our latest innovation for automated storage and retrieval systems solutions with our SR/F Aisle Transfer Cart! Providing multiple static storage where you have low throughput requirements. With multiple aisles servicing and the fully automated material handling you have come to rely on, our aisle transfer cart will maximize your warehouse earning potential. Call today for more information about improving your warehouse automation.

AFT manufactures rail-running, automated storage and retrieval systems using rotating forks
to access racking.

The SR/F provides low cost AS/RS automation for warehouses. No longer are designers and users constrained with low performance, high operating cost fork truck systems. Now using conventional beam pallet racks with aisles only 12 inches wider than the pallet diagonal, full automatic AS/RS productivity is available at affordable cost.

SR/F installations are free standing in the warehouse building. Flexibility is a byword: if it is beneficial to rearrange the warehouse layout, SR/F systems can be moved as easily as the pallet racks themselves. Also, the shelf arrangement can be changed at any time to accommodate variations in the loads handled.

AFT provides PC based controls that keep the identity and location (inventory) of all the products in the racks. These (End of Aisle Controllers) provide completely automated operation by themselves or can be interfaced to centralized warehouse computer systems.

AFT builds it's equipment in its own plant to the highest quality standards in the industry. We know of no component in our product that could be improved by furnishing something different. No matter what the cost.

AFT gains its marketing advantage of lower cost due to its low overhead and single product: design, manufacture, and installation of SR/F systems only.


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